Curious about Barona Beach Resort History ?

original-barona-campsite-google-prichardBarona Beach Resort was first visualized by Mr. Barone.

He purchased a campground called Happy Valley in 1979. He dreamed of a luxury lakefront resort at this location, this dream is now a reality 25 +years later.

Happy Valley Campground Resort opened in 1979, and for 26 years was the ultimate camping destination in the Okanagan Valley. Truly magnificent camping, an idyllic location and plentiful apples, pears, apricots, plumbs and cherries. Wine grapes are a big part of the area.

Tens of thousands of various families have enjoyed a memorable vacation at this special lakefront location in its history

Some have even purchased new luxury condos in the resort. The future is bright, new memories will be made.

The past history of this special lakefront location along with the contributions of the Barone family will never be forgotten.

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